My tips on Furniture Selection for your Living + Dining Space!

Living and dining spaces are where we spend most of our time – we play, we relax and we hang out as a family. It’s where we want to be social and, above all, be comfortable. So its super important to put some thought into planning the most used room in our home! Here are my top tips when planning your living room.

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+ Your sofa is going to be the most used piece of furniture in your home (after your bed) so you want to make sure its going to last! I always suggest to my clients that if possible they invest in their sofa as the quality will be better and it will last longer. The internal frame work will be stronger, the foam and feather inserts will keep their shape for longer which means less sagging! The fabrics will be softer and more resilient to stains. If you can invest here, you should be able to keep it for longer and then consider reupholstery down the track when its looking a little tired. I also love that less waste means it’s kinder on the environment!

+ When choosing a coffee table, think about what you use it for as this should determine the material it is constructed from. If you are using it purely for display and to kick your feet up and you don’t have young children, you have the luxury of choosing something like a gorgeous matte oak timber. A lot of my clients love that oiled finish of timber and want that for their coffee tables but they mark easily, even water marks them! They get dents and dings so they are really are suited for families with a more mature family! If you have young children, consider something a little more hardly like a stone or marble or a distressed timber.

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+ Rugs are king when it comes to styling your living area! We all know that they ground your living room but do you know why? Its because they visually connect all the pieces of furniture and bring the space together. If you don’t have a rug, all your pieces will feel like they are floating around and there is a real disconnect between them all. I also like the fact that I can introduce some real texture into the space, that is one of my favourite elements to play with in my styling.

+ Once you have your main pieces of furniture locked in, you should then choose your artwork. This will set the style of accessories that you buy for your living space as well as the colour. Choose artwork that you connect with, artwork is very subjective and beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder – so go with what you truly love and you will always love it! Don’t go for something just because you saw it on Instagram, try and find meaning in it and you will always have a relationship with it!

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Catherine Heraghty