Selecting Furniture for Kids Bedrooms

When it comes to kids bedrooms, I like to think outside the square because it’s pretty much a space where the rules just don’t apply! Do what you want, go a little crazy and make it FUN! We opted for the Nina Loft Bed from House of Orange. I knew that I would use their beds for my children before I even met my husband ha ha (obsessed) because their range is STUNNING but I also love the extra floor space that it gives us! We have created a little reading book underneath which Hudson just loves! Recently we spoke with House of Orange to give us all the answers to our questions when it comes to selecting furniture for your kids bedrooms...

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What is the benefit of having a loft bed in a kids bedroom as opposed to a standard bed that sits on the floor?

The loft bed is idea for both an added sense of novelty and super space efficient with the creation of more floor space-the bed on the floor eats up more floor space

Your style of furniture is so unique an beautiful! What style of home or children's bedroom do you think your furniture complements?

The great thing about our furniture is that it suits both contemporary clean spaces and also more rustic. The additional element of real timber with our basic colours adds a much needed texture where there are sleek surfaces, a character boost!

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What key tips do you tell your customers to consider when buying furniture for their children's bedroom?

Think longevity, and timeless with quiet design as the foundation to allow for the fast paced changes children go through, growing in and out of different phases. There is no reason why you should have to forfeit the overall style you are drawn to for the rest of your home when it comes to children's bedrooms. Using brash colours and impractical furniture will not be consistent with the rest of your home and it will date very quickly!

Can you also think of any other common questions that you get asked about kids rooms and your furniture? 

Kids rooms are so important yet they are often misunderstood. Most people think they have to be over the top, gender specific and 'on trend'. We stay away from the overt display of girls equal pink and boys equal blue. We allow for those accents to come through in textiles and soft furnishings and offer a comfortable and robust basis that is super safe. The furniture can grow with the kids. We know this first hand with two daughters, one pre-teen and one in full teen) we see how quickly they grow and how much is needed from their beds and how little is actually relevant. Less is more!!! It is so much better to invest in quality and connect rather than consume and surround them with disposable pieces that do not last. We have always maintained an accessible price point as we believe simplicity is often hard to find and therefore either cheap and poorly made or over the top expensive is all that is out there available to the market. We introduced our furniture with this in mind. We are locally made, reasonably priced, sustainable and 100% Australian certified.

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Catherine Heraghty