My Tips for Kids Bedroom Styling

When it comes to kids rooms, I always say more is more! It’s a space that they can be proud of and it doesn’t necessarily have to follow any rules – make it personal to your child and what they love. Here are my key tips for designing a beautiful kids bedroom:

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Think outside the square when it comes to selecting your childs bed as there is so much available on the market these days, go for something fun! I went for the Oliver Bed from This Little Love as the house shaped head board is just beautiful and so sweet and I love that I was able to dress the head board with the faux greenery for something that little bit extra! Having the bed frame done in white meant that I could add colour to the bed linen and not be worried about it clashing. Also, if you go for a coloured bed, make sure your child is going to love that colour for a long time – you don’t want to go for pink for example if you think that in the next twelve months they are going to want purple! Add colour in the things that can be easily updated like the bed linen.


We have all seen bunting and canopies to decorate kids beds before so go for something different! I used a gorgeous faux garland from the Faux Flower Company that was made from dusty greenery to decorate the bed head, it adds so much vibrancy to the room! It was super easy to install and can withstand the rough and tumble play from curious hands! I don’t think the faux greenery is any more fragile than a canopy or a garland, so don’t be put off as they are quite robust! You could also customise it with a native flower, or you could add pops of pink or white flowers if you were trying to keep it a little understated!

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Bedside Table

Have fun with your furniture selections! We used the Nude Leather Strap Bedside Table from H and G Designs, they are super sweet with the leather strap detail but it also allows you to store things underneath. It would be a great place to pop a little basket underneath with books for bed time reading but you still get that all important space to display your child’s special objects!

Wall Displays

I tend to create little gallery walls in kids bedrooms – this allows me to add a whole lot of colour but keep the floor space free for playing! I like to add collections of artwork and other objects like hooks and animal heads. These make for the most interesting walls which kids love. Hooks are great as you can display more things on them, pretty dresses, hats etc or it’s a practical place for your child to hang their bang! I think its really important to position your gallery wall pieces on the lower part of your wall so the kids can see them as its for them after all!

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Catherine Heraghty