Choosing Window Treatments

I have worked with A'besco for many years and they are always my go to supplier when it comes to window treatments! There is so much to know and Rohan has given us his top 5 tips...

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 1. Start talking about window furnishings in the planning phase

Without doubt, my number one tip is to think about what you want for your window coverings before you start building.

Some designers and builders understand this, and they’ll give clients the heads-up, but many don’t realise most window coverings aren’t a last minute feature that can go anywhere and with any window type or size.

Many a time I’ve had people ask for shutters, for example, when their windows, unfortunately, can’t accommodate them. It’s heartbreaking having to tell them they can’t have what they really want!

2. Think about function as well as form

Thinking about what your window coverings need to do for you as well as how they look will help you narrow down your choices.

For example, do you need to block out heat from the afternoon? Do you want to cut the glare but keep the view? Is privacy an issue? Do you need light control? Write these things down as they occur to you. There’s definitely a product for every problem!

3. Next, create a mood board

There’s a solution for every style too, so once you’re clear about functionality, it’s time to think about what look you want to achieve. Do you want something understated, like a simple roman blind that will complement quietly, or are you after something more dramatic, like long flowing sheers or drapes that pool on the floor?

Clients who come to us armed with a mood board usually have a much easier time discussing options, so I recommend following your advice on that point, Catherine: once you have a concept, create a mood board!

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4. Consider motorising your window coverings

The most obvious benefit for motorising your window coverings is that everything works effortlessly with motorisation. Your blinds, curtains, shutters or awnings operate like clockwork every time, and all you need do is press a button – no fighting with cords!

Less obvious benefits are safety and energy efficiency. If you’ve got small children running around, motorisation takes dangerous cords out of the equation.

Because window coverings and outdoor shades are great for passive heating and cooling, motorised window coverings - set on a timer - make a home vastly more energy efficient too. So often we forget to bring down the curtains up or down, which means we have to resort to air conditioning.

Of course, all this can be automated now, so your blinds become integrated into your smart home operation. There are even voice-activated blinds controllers now for those who prefer zero effort!

5. Opt for quality. Beware the cheap import or online purchase

It didn’t take us long to figure out that the key to a happy client (and therefore a happy us!) is genuine quality products that are custom measured, made and installed. We stopped dealing with cheap imports that only result in headaches and heartache over a decade ago, and it was the best move we ever made.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for your window coverings to be sustainable as well as stylish; who wants to replace cracked or warped shutters and dodgy blinds every few years? No one! Window coverings should be set and forget.


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Catherine Heraghty