2 in Twelve Investment Kids Bedroom

Not having a girl of my own made this particular space so much more fun!!! It fits in perfectly with the rest of the house, soft and coastal but still totally girly! It really just goes to show that you can put the kids first and make a room they love but you don’t have to compromise on style!

Investment Girls Room low res-3.jpg
Investment Girls Room low res-9.jpg
Investment Girls Room low res-20.jpg
Investment Girls Room low res-5.jpg

Bed -The Little Love
Artwork - Urban Road
Linen + Cushions + Throw -The Cover Collective + Sea Tribe + Zanui
Bedside Table - H&G Designs
Bookshelves - Willow & Wood
Grid Board - H&G Designs
Faux Flower Feature - Faux Flower Company
Mini Malawi Chair - Malawi Cane Furniture
Baskets - Coastal Drift
Juju Hat - Black Arrow Co.
Bag + Soft Toys - Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Catherine Heraghty