2 in Twelve Forever Kids Bedroom

It was so lovely to give my son Hudson his first ‘big boy’ bedroom and a beautiful one at that! When designing spaces for children I like to think outside the square because it’s pretty much a space where the rules just don’t apply! Do what you want, go a little crazy and make it FUN! 

The Stables Hudson low res-29.jpg
The Stables Hudson low res-5.jpg
The Stables Hudson low res-1.jpg
2 in 12 Investment Extras Low res-40.jpg
2 in 12 Investment Extras Low res-46.jpg
The Stables Hudson low res-15.jpg

Blinds - A'besco
Wallpaper - Chasing Paper
Bed - House of Orange
Desk + Chair - The Little Interior
Desk Accessories - Mr. & Mrs. Jones
Hooks - The Ply Room
Bed Linen - I Love Linen
Elephant Head - Sacred Bundle
Beanbag - Home Day
Round Cushion - We are Pampa
Floor Cushion - Little Connoisseur

Catherine Heraghty