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We are a boutique interior styling company based in Sydney, working closely with individuals and businesses to create simple, timeless and unique design solutions that are both beautiful and functional.

With over 10 years’ experience in property styling and interior styling, Catherine Heraghty is the owner and Creative Director of The Stables. Her passion for styling is evident as she breathes life into every project with smart and simplistic styling solutions. She creates spaces that have a sense of light and warmth, and places importance on lasting interiors that will become part of her client's story at home. 

Known for her soft and muted colour palette, Catherine focuses on clean lines and natural light. She seamlessly adapts to many styles to assist her clients reaching their design goals, but her love of classic, modern Australian and coastal styling is evident in her extensive portfolio. Proving neutrals to be anything but boring, she makes the most of natural materials by layering texture and patterns to add depth and warmth to each and every room.

For Catherine, The Stables is about blurring the lines between work and life. She has created the type of lifestyle she desires, she is able to satisfy her creativity and also her love for spending time with her family. Never overlooking smaller details, Catherine works closely with her clients to create beautiful, timeless spaces. What’s her most exciting part of each project? “Seeing it all come together. I love when I’ve created a space that feels calm and serene. It’s so satisfying when my clients see the finished product and they just fall in love, and I see how it transforms their life and the way they live at home. I love seeing how happy it can make my clients, that’s the most important part.”

If you have a project you think The Stables might be perfect for then we’d love to hear from you.